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Electrical Earthing Advantages


Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing Advantages


  • Hi-Tech Earthings have strip in pipe technology.
  • Hi-Tech Earthings Electrode is not in direct contact with the soil hence it never oxidates and corrodes.
  • Earth resistance value remains un-changed for many years
  • The fill compound used is not soluble in water or soil and its is a part of the soil around the electrode.
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing sustaints moisture of earth pit for life time.
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing requires less space and time to install
  • Right Technology for earthing as per IS from the right people
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing is affordable price, maintenance free, and safe.
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing is environment friendly
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing is available in various sizes according the the application.
  • Hi-Tech Electrical Earthing preventable from common electrical system faults like Spikes, Transients, OverVoltage, UnderVoltage and Reverse PolaritySafety and preventive Measurement:¬†
    You may experience the below problems with your electrical and electronic equipments. Premature Failures, Poor Reliability, Intermittent Operation, High Maintenance Costs, Degraded Vendor-Client Confidence. To solve these above and install Hi-Tech Earthings as Safety and preventive Measurement for your electrical and electronics equipments.

     H-Tech Electrical Earthing Comparison

    Conventional Earthing System

  • We use to fill the earth pit by using sodium chloride[ cooking salt] and chark coal.
  • Sodium Chloride and chark coal will dilute in water and soil.
  • Earth rod Corrodes soon will result poor conductance
  • Poor performance comapring to Hi- Tech earthing system.
  • Conventional Earthing System has to be maintanined frequently by pouring water.
  • Conventional Earthing System works for some days there after you have to go for a new.

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